Summertime sun, your favorite frozen treat

It has been a great weekend for a sail, healthy winds and lovely sunshine.

Good morning Longbranch.

What a wonderful weekend it has been. Summer is a beautiful time in our neck of the woods. My lovely bride and I love sitting on our bank and watch the boats go by.

“It is so quiet,” she said. “Except, I love the sound of the boats slapping the water.”

The weather has been just sublime — not too hot and certainly dry. The early-morning fog burning off by mid-day and the sunshine staying long into the pleasant evenings.

I can see gardens planted and watered, a stray raccoon crossing the highway searching for scraps. Paddlers noisily traverse Drayton’s Passage to Filucy Bay. Squirrels are fighting and hummingbirds voraciously sucking down the sugar water.

Ah, it is summertime.

It is currently 55 degrees but the weather geeks are saying our high today may reach 77, a little morning fog but partly sunny the rest of the day. Expect more of the same for the rest of the week, if the geeks are to be believed.

In honor of summer, I give you a day in history featuring our favorite frozen treat: Ice cream.

In this day in 1786, the first advertisement for commercially-produced ice cream is run by Mr. Hall in New York City. The frozen treat had been around way before that, its “inventor” a mystery. According to “Ice cream has been around since long before 1786. Emperor Nero of Rome had his slaves get snow from mountains then had it mixed with nectar, fruit pulp, and honey. Marco Polo brought recipes for water ices to Europe from the Far East. Ice cream first appeared in Italy when it was discovered that ice and salt could cause freezing.”

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