‘It’s Like a Heat Wave Burning In My Heart’

It is going to be record day with a high of 91 degrees if the weather geeks are to believed. Aden, of Buckley, Wash., had the right idea yesterday afternoon when the temperatures flirted with 90 degrees.
Our friends’ garden on the plateau is beginning to produce beautiful strawberries.

Still waiting for the mercury to hit 90.

It is a warm 82 degrees, clear skies and 49 percent humidity — a perfectly gorgeous summer day.

Can you believe that fireworks display late last night over Anderson Island? My lovely bride and I caught it just as we were getting home from visiting friends in Buckley. It did not seem to bother the goofy golden doodle, but the thunderous booms and bright light explosions got our attention. My best guess is that it was a private display. If I’m wrong, please do let me know. I would be curious to know.

We had a wonderful time up on the plateau — even got a tour of the Griffin Place, a horse breeding farm and stables. This farm produced the racehorse “Rings A Chime,” who was inducted into the Washington Racing Hall of Fame. I will post more about this later.

No need to worry about this heat sticking around for much longer. Things are going to cool off considerably by Thursday, according to the weather geeks.

It is now a race for me to finish staining my deck rails before things really cool down.

Stay cool my friends.

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