Sunday, Sweaty Sunday … It’s going to be a hot one folks

boat morning#2 063013
It was 62 degrees on Drayton’s Passage before 8 this morning.

Good morning Longbranch.

It is going to be a hot one today folks. Break out the kiddie pools, that one-piece bathing suit you’ve been dying to try on all winter and the largest pitcher of sweet tea you can muster. It is already 62 degrees and it is barely 8 this morning. The weather geeks say our high today may top out at 91.


Don’t mind me if I throw another bag of Star Ice in my cooler.

We have been pining for this for some time now. Well, the sunshine we’ve all been dreaming of is here. And it brought the heat with it. Not the 130 degrees forecast for the high in Death Valley, Calif., but plenty warm enough.

By the way, did you know that about a century ago the highest temperature ever recorded on earth was in that California desert. The high for that day in Death Valley was 134 degrees.

Calm down, we Pacific Northwesterners will not see anything even remotely close to that — global warming or not.

So, gear up, gas up the boat and scrub the grill we’re gonna have some sun today.

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