‘No historic heat wave,’ but happy to take what we get

A Coast Guard cutter cuts through a flat Drayton’s Passage past McNeil Island, powering south towards Olympia. The morning light served as a beautiful watercolor backdrop for the working boat.
It was a calm and balmy morning along the Key Peninsula’s eastern shore.

Good morning Longbranch.

My lovely bride and I are both rooting for the sun to come out. Although it drizzled a bit early this morning, we are positively optimistic that the day will clear up as predicted.

“C’mon sun,” my lovely bride bellowed as clouds shrouded the sun’s glow.

It is a balmy 63 degrees outside at the moment. That is nothing to sneeze at. For us Pacific Northwestern-ers, that is practically tropical bliss.

So, if you’re wondering if we are indeed going to get the record highs that many media outlets — TV — keeps babbling about, here is the weather guru Cliff Mass’ take on the subject:

“This is NOT going to be an historic heat wave west of the Cascades…but we could well break a daily high temperature record on Monday.  So don’t expect the high 90s, with peaks about 100F, that we experienced in late July 2009.  And there is a chance of some major thunderstorms…but just a chance.”

Not to steal the weather report’s thunder, but I give you this day in history:

In 2007, Apple released its long anticipated iPhone to the delight of many. Lines formed outside Apple stores for days. The new gadget featured a touch-screen with no keyboard, wi-fi access, a camera and the ability to browse the internet.

I wonder how that gambit by Apple turned out?

Now you know.

The sun was trying its best to come out this morning. We will still see temperatures in the 80s later today.

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