Come Dancing With Me Baby, In the Summer Rain

A wet deck greeted me this morning as I went for my first cup of joe.

Come dancing with me baby
In the summer rain

— “Summer Rain,” performed by Belinda Carlisle

Hello Longbranch. Good morning rain.

That blast of summer sunshine we got over the past couple of days may be over. The weather geeks are forecasting the next several days to be cloudy, with rain showers today through at least Wednesday.

I woke up this morning to a wet deck and a gray Passage. Boats were still making their way up and down the channel, but with not a whole lot of joy. Perhaps it is just me, but I welcome the rain. I worked on the yard yesterday and it would be nice to take a break from having to water the plants, but for a day.

Stay dry Longbranch. With the temperatures hovering in the 60s, you will not need the fleece.

We may not see a lot of the sun in the next several days.

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