Key Peninsula Summer Fun Run results

Matt Thomson (#107), 38, center, of Gig Harbor, won all age groups with a time of 21:28. James Noble (#113),10, right, of Gig Harbor, at the starting line. Noble finished 34th overall with a time of 34:55.

The results for the Summer Fun Run are officially here. Key Pen parks Coordinator Jess Smeall thanked all participants in an email proclaiming Saturday “a great race day”.

“It was a great day, full of sunshine and smiles, and I feel lucky to be a part of great days like this,” Smeall said. “For so many it was their first race, even many of the adults.  Whether it was your first or not, I hope that it inspired your summer to be full of FUN physical activity to keep you and your family healthy and strong.”

Smeall also announced that Vaughn elementary School won the Kids Dash trophy, getting 7.7 percent of their school to the Dash. Evergreen Elementary finished a very close second with 7.6 percent. She called Evergreen school’s push “awesome”.

This year also saw a record number of home-schooled children, according to Smeall. And, the event raised a total of $430 of donations for the local PTA.

And the winners are:

(Name, age, town, time)

1 Matt Thompson, 38, Gig Harbor, 21:28

2 Kelly Egge, 19, Gig Harbor, 21:29

3 George Unruh, 55, Gig Harbor, 21:38

4 Joni Kaminski, 35 Gig Harbor, 22:53

5 Thomas Kaminski, 41, Gig Harbor, 22:54

6 Edward Robison, 51, Gig Harbor, 22:59

7 Dylan Roberts, 22, Lakebay, 23:14

8 Ami Shipp, 31, not listed, 24:40

9 Constance Kirby, 14 Wauna, 25:17

10 Bill Burton, 43, Gig Harbor, 25:39

For complete list of winners and participants, go here:

For more photos, go here:

For a story on the race, go here:

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