Thunder, lightning: Nothing but a passing fancy

The blue sky was spotted this morning along our bank on Drayton’s passage.
Lightning do strike in the Puget Sound. Here is a storm I captured in January 2010.

“It’s coming,” said my lovely bride as the sky turned dark, the wind picking up steam and ominous clouds rolled in over Drayton’s Passage about 8 last night — as we were midway through another recorded episode of “Law & Order”.

“The rain clouds are out,” she says. “Is it supposed to rain today?”

Then a clap of thunder signals the rolling drumbeat of a coming storm.

“This is just like my childhood,” she volunteers.

You see, my lovely bride grew up in the historic colonial hamlet of Guilford, Conn. — a picturesque seaside village on the Long Island Sound. This meant she experienced quite a bit of thunderstorms and lightning — especially during hurricane season.

“But the thunder doesn’t do anything bad here,” she adds.

Well, good morning Longbranch.

It looks like the meteorological drama of last night was nothing but a passing fancy. The sun is out with lovely clouds scattered around Drayton’s passage. It is currently 57 degrees and according to the weather geeks our high today will top out at 68. We may yet see more of the stormy weather later in the day.

A glorious start to beautiful day.

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