Rollicking rodent play peek-a-boo in the sunshine

A squirrel playing peek-a-boo on our bank. The sunshine helps make this game more enjoyable for us and the rodent.
Foxgloves glow in the late afternoon sun.

Good morning Longbranch.

I am leaving the weather prognostication to the geeks — who, by the way, have been wrong so far this week. They had me rooting for rain when sunshine is infinitely more enjoyable this time of year.

As far I know, my drive this morning was awash in sunlight and my truck thermometer read 56 degrees. It was uneventful compared to the traffic backup last night on the Purdy Bridge.

Today is Philippine Independence Day. On June 12, 1898, Philippine Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed the archipelago free from Spanish rule. The nation’s flag was raised for the first time and its national anthem played. This celebration was short lived because the United States refused to recognize Philippine sovereignty. Spain had ceded to the Americans Cuba and the Philippines earlier in the year. In 1899, the Filipinos went to war against the Americans. It was not until July 4, 1946 that the islands finally received sovereignty.


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