An afternoon nap nourishes the soul

A thin sheet of clouds are hanging over the Key Peninsula at the moment, but the sun should come out later in the day.
Like Sunday, expect a bit of sunshine later this afternoon.

Good morning Longbranch.

Afternoon naps are one of my favorite things to do. I am serious: There is nothing better than a good snooze in the middle of the day.

This has to be my Spanish genes screaming “siesta”. One of my childhood memories growing up in the Philippines is my father — and his entire printing shop operation — halting work after lunch to catch a nap. Siesta. It was just how things were done. The theory is that you become more productive and able to extend your workday after a good nap. It worked for him, why not for me?

As my lovely bride and I were driving home from brunch at Leonard K’s in Allyn, Wash., the air was warm and the sun was beginning to make a show of itself. The goofy golden doodle had a time of her life on the beach, which means she is dripping wet and smelling like the Puget Sound. I was having a scoop of French vanilla apple pie ice cream (Yeah, yeah. But it was delicious.)

drayton#2 060213
It will be a good day to take the boat out — that is if you have the day off, of course.

She looked at me and asked: “Are you going to take the hammock out?”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why I married her. She knows me all too well.

“Why is that sweetie?” was my coy response.

“It looks like a wonderful afternoon for a nap,” she said.

Bingo! My lovely bride can read me like the big board at the Emerald Queen Casino.

On that sleepy note, I give you the day’s weather. It is currently 46 degrees and calm. A thin sheet of clouds is passing over Drayton’s Passage but the weather geeks say it will warm up to around 79 by later in the afternoon. What is even better news is that tomorrow tops that forecast: clear, sunny and a high of 80 degrees.

Have a great day y’all.

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