Yes Virginia, our home can shine without the sun

Stellar jays playing on top of a Douglas fir on our bank yesterday evening.

Good morning Longbranch.

“I’ve had it with this rain,” said my lovely bride. “Where’s the sun?”

Well, looking out the window this morning I could not encourage her with any bright news. It is currently 48 degrees and the ground is wet — a gray sky hanging over Drayton’s Passage like an old, one-size-too-big, faded suit. Even the bird calls seem muted this morning.

The weather geeks are no more uplifting than their forecast of 55 degrees as our high today. According to them we will see more — you guessed it— rain.

Later yesterday afternoon, the sun made a show of it for a brief moment. The drive down the Key Peninsula Highway was adorable, with the horses out on their pastures enjoying a respite from the rain. I came home to birds singing, and even caught on camera a couple of stellar jays frolicking at the top of a Douglas fir on our bank.

The smell of fresh-cooked beans with smoked-pork shanks filled our Longbranch homestead. Slices of apple, Swiss cheese and a bowl of chips and salsa never tasted so good.

“My love,” I say to my lovely bride, “how can our day be brighter?”

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