Longbranch: Love, Love Me Do, You Know I love You

If you blinked, you missed the sunrise at 5:24 this morning. For the briefest of moments, the sun peeked through a layer of clouds over McNeil island.
The rain weighed heavily on our pansies and geraniums.

Good morning Longbranch.

It is a balmy 47 degrees outside and surprisingly dry, although the weather geeks are saying we will get more rain showers today. Our high, according to them, will be 66 degrees.

Today in history: In 1964, the Beatles made their third appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. The “Fab Four” first appeared on the show on Feb. 4 of that year. Their taped performance was then aired on Feb 23.

According to edsullivan.com, “A record setting 73 million people tuned in that evening making it one of the seminal moments in television history. Nearly fifty years later, people still remember exactly where they were the night The Beatles stepped onto Ed Sullivan’s stage.

“There are a number of stories regarding exactly how The Beatles came to appear on The Ed Sullivan Show. The most popular is that in 1963, while arriving at London’s Heathrow airport, Ed Sullivan and his wife Sylvia encountered thousands of youngsters waiting excitedly in the rain. When Sullivan asked what all the commotion was about, he was told that a British band named The Beatles was returning home from a tour in Sweden. When he got to his hotel room, Sullivan purportedly inquired about booking the group for his show.

“When asked ‘How do you find America?’ Ringo Starr jokingly replied, ‘Turn left at Greenland.’ “

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