Surprise, surprise, surprise: Rain, thunderstorms is today’s forecast

A Boeing C-17 Globemaster III flying through the clouds over Tacoma Tuesday. We will have more overcast skies and rain today.
Robins are a great sight in the morning. But where oh where has our summer gone?

Good morning Longbranch.

Expect rain, rain and more rain today. We might even get a thunderstorm later in the day. It is gray and cold and the current temperature is 47 degrees. The weather geeks say our high today will not cross north of 60 degrees.

Yet, for a brief fleeting moment, the sun did peek out of the clouds over McNeil Island this morning. It was a wonderful way to start my day.

Here are a few nuggets from this day in history:

1785 — Benjamin Franklin announces his invention of bifocals. Thank you Uncle Ben.

1867 — Jesse James-gang rob a bank in Richmond Missouri (2 die, $4,000 taken).

1873 — Postal cards sold in San Francisco, Calif., for the first time.

1898 — First Philippine Expeditionary Troops sail from San Francisco, Calif., to Manila.

1901 — U.S. troops captures leader of Philippine rebels, Emilio Aguinaldo.

1908 — Part of Great White Fleet arrives in Puget Sound, Wash.

1969 — Who release rock opera “Tommy”.

The sun makes a cameo for one fleeting moment this morning.

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