Sun breaks: Open up, Everything’s Waiting for you

It was a delightful evening on Drayton’s Passage last night. I am hoping it will be more of the same tonight.
A horse pasture full of wildflowers along the Key Peninsula Highway.

Good morning Longbranch.

Another day and the start of another week brings us much of the same weather we are accustomed to: sunny, partly cloudy today followed by two days of rain. It is currently 47 degrees and overcast. But fret not, today is supposed to get better than it did yesterday, according to the weather geeks. Our high to day will top out at 75 — a bit optimistic but i like nonetheless.

By the middle of the day yesterday, the mercury in our backyard and in my truck was showing mid 60s temperatures. Beautiful clouds were forming over the farms along the Key Peninsula Highway and I had to wear sunglasses on my brief drive to the store.

So, I have reason to be optimistic today. Besides, I am taking my lovely bride to the Fleetwood Mac concert tonight in the Tacoma Dome.

If I could
Baby I’d give you my world
Open up
Everything’s waiting for you,

Fleetwood Mac, “Go Your Own Way”

On that note, good day and have a wonderful week.

A sun break yesterday lit Kaukiki Farm. Summer is here, i say.

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