Happy pansies, Texas giveback, South Pacific tops charts

Our pansies are happy as the sun makes a cameo this morning.

The sun is finally coming out. It is about time. My lovely bride and I have been waiting for it all morning. Our pansies are happy. Maddee, the goofy golden doodle, is happy. We are both happy.

With all that joy I give you the day in history:

May 19, 1848, saw the end of the war between the United States and Mexico, with the Mexicans giving Texas back to the Americans. The war, from spring 1846 to fall 1847, was started with the U.S. annexation of Texas in 1845. Mexico considered Texas part of its territory despite the 1836 Texas Revolution.

In 1958, the soundtrack for South Pacific goes to #1, where it stays for the next 31 weeks. This classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical was based on James A. Michener’s Pulitzer Prize-winning 1947 book “Tales of the South Pacific.”

Nellie, a nurse on a Pacific Island during WWII, falls in love with de Becque, a local planter. However, when she learns he is a widower with two half-caste children, she cannot accept the situation. Meanwhile, Cable falls in love with a Polynesian girl named Liat. Cable and de Bacque go off together on a spy mission and the two women wait in hope of their return.

Enjoy another beautiful Sunday on the Key Peninsula.

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