Boating season is here

Mt. Rainier at sundown last night.

Good morning Longbranch. It is a balmy 58 degrees outside and the weather geeks are saying we’ll see a high today of 81. There is a gentle breeze of about 5 miles an hour and the sky is clear.

What a day to open the boating season.

The Longbranch Marina is having a breakfast to usher in the new season at their dock on Filucy Bay. I’m sure there are plenty of great folks to meet and chores to complete. So, get that cooler of ice-cold beverages ready and head on down to the marina.

Of course, if you’re looking to drive out of the Key Peninsula, head on north to Seattle. Here is what has on the events up north:

“Opening day, the official opening of Seattle’s boating season sponsored by the Seattle Yacht Club, includes a celebration of many kinds of water activities. Festivities will include a morning of crew races, a sailboat race, and of course, the grand Opening Day boat parade on Saturday.”

There you have it. You really don’t have to go anywhere. I’m sure, if you’re like my lovely bride, you’ll be in the yard planting flowers.


A sailboat powering home for the evening on Drayton’s Passage.

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