SNAPSHOT: Missing the rain

The Hood County courthouse in Granbury, Texas, just before sunrise today. Granbury was named after the confederate Gen. Hiram B. Granberry. According to scholars, the discrepancy in spelling may have been because the general chose to spell his name as Granbury.
A statue of Gen. Granberry stands in the shadow of the courthouse clock tower.

Good morning Longbranch. It looks like rain continues to fall on the Key Peninsula. The current temperature is 46 degrees and your high will be 57 degrees according to the weather geeks. Funny thing is I miss the rain.

It is currently 61 degrees and sunny in Granbury, Texas. We are expecting a high of close to 80 degrees and pollen is definitely in the air. A good day for a cowboy wedding, which is the reason my lovely bride and I are in the Lone Star state.

We are fixin’ to drive down to Abilene, Texas, for the wedding. It will be hot but I am looking forward to experiencing my first cowboy wedding, complete with horses and a hitching post.

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