Spring is for the bees and buds

A spider takes shelter under a canopy of daffodil petals at the Longbranch Improvement Club house.
Sprouting blossoms are fair game for the bees this time of the year.

Good morning Longbranch. Enjoy this marvelous weather. We will see the mercury push 68 today with abundant sunshine and spring-like vibes all around.

So, take a step outside and witness spring blooming around you. Colorful daffodils are appearing everywhere on the Key Peninsula. Tree buds are exploding on alders and maples.

This is the season to look around you and witness the birds, bees and insects buzzing around. Beyond the color is life welcoming the heat of spring: a spider finding shelter under the petals of a daffodil bloom or a tree bud sprouting to reveal tender shoots and flowers.

Tender shoots and blossoms are beginning to come out from trees on our driveway.
If you look closely, the tiny buds are starting to sprout leaves on alders and maples.

According to Sue Pike, a teacher at York Community College in Wells, Me., the spring buds were actually formed last summer.

“People tend to think (at least I did) that trees form their buds in spring as they get ready to leaf out and flower.

Instead, the buds are formed during the previous summer, when the sun is at its hottest and trees have energy to spare. Summer is the time to pack that extra energy away into the buds.”

As things warm up in the spring, according to espsciencetime.org, “the buds that have been waiting dormant all winter (sleeping, not growing and changing) will start to grow.”

So take a second to enjoy the coming of spring. After all we have front-row seats in this amazing cycle of life.

Our backyards are an explosion of colors as things heat up. As the blooms come, so do the bees.

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