Wet, warm weather not a surprise

Look for the rainbow in this typical March weather. I captured this rainbow a year ago.

Good morning Longbranch. Get your gollashes out rain is coming — lots of it apparently. Here is Cliff Mass’ take on our wet, watery week:

“The Weather Channel is now naming major storms, most recently referred to two major East Coast events as Nemo and Saturn.  Since the WC seems adverse to naming West Coast storms, those of us facing the Pacific must take the matter into our own hands. No one will name our storms if we don’t.

So today, this blog will begin leveling the playing field by announcing that Atmospheric River Poseidon will soon hit our coast, bringing torrential rains and possibly flooding to some rivers drainages.

Poseidon arrives on Tuesday.  The WRF model prediction of the total water vapor in an atmospheric column for 1 PM that day shows the watery “finger” of Poseidon stretching from near Hawaii to the Northwest.  Yes, some folks have called this a “Pineapple Express”, but we are beyond that now. Poseidon’s humid, warm finger will be touching us for days!”

For more go here: http://cliffmass.blogspot.com

Yes folks, it will be wet, but not that cold. According to wundeground.com our high today will be 50 degrees. So look for the rainbow in this typical of March weather. Cheers.

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