Boring weather is just fine with me


Good morning Longbranch. It is a chilly 37 degrees outside. It will warm up to around 48 degrees with partly cloudy skies later today. This means we might even see the sun if the weather geeks are to be believed. It may turn out to be nicer than yesterday and that would be a blessing.

To those of you who are disappointed at our relatively quiet and uneventful winter, you may be on to something. This winter may have been just plain boring. If you want to know how boring, the Cliff Mass weather blog ( has developed a Seattle Winter Excitement Index (SWEI pronouced SWEE, according to Mass) that calculates just how boring a winter truly is. Why did they do this, you ask?

Here is what Cliff Mass wrote on his blog: “Many of you have complained about this winter.  That the weather has been entirely boring:  no snowstorms, no real windstorms, no extreme temperatures, no pineapples expresses,  no nothing.

“To try to quantify our plight, I and other local weather scientists have developed a new, and I hope, authoritative measure of interesting weather here in Seattle.”

That would be SWEI.

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