High tide, rising gas prices, smooth commute

A sliver of light broke through the clouds for the briefest of moment over Drayton’s Passage seen from the 72nd Street boat launch.

I took a detour on my commute today to snap a picture of Drayton’s Passage from the 72nd Street boat launch in Longbranch, Wash. My drive was uneventful and smooth sailing all the way into Tacoma.

The sign at the Wauna, Wash., Union 76 station.

However, it looks like our gas prices are staying put where they have been the past three  days. Home’s Shell station priced their gas at $3.75/gallon. The 134th Avenue Shell station is selling their gas for $3.72/gallon. The price at the Wauna Chevron is $3.65/gallon and the Union 76 station’s price is $3.59/gallon — once again the cheapest gas on the Key Peninsula HIghway corridor.

Tacoma’s average price today is $3.62/gallon while the national average is $3.58. A month ago, the average price in Tacoma was $3.40/gallon and the national average was $3.26. Yes sir, spring and summer, the heaviest travel seasons of the year, must be just around the next overcast day.

A relatively quiet commute on the Key Peninsula Highway.

2 thoughts on “High tide, rising gas prices, smooth commute

  1. I just started “following” your blog last week and I’m LOVING it. I’d really like to find out some of the “old” history of this area. I live on Herron Island. Maybe I need to hang out at Lulu’s more and listen to some of the old-timers bend an ear!!

    1. Thank you for following my blog. I am definitely interested in telling stories tied to the Key Peninsula’s colorful past. I am, for instance, currently working on a feature on the Purdy Bridge — that it is on the registry of historic places, who designed it, etc.

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