SNAPSHOT: Sugar fight

Our little red-throated friends are back, although it seemed some of them stayed the winter. Meg has made a new batch of sugar water and they are back at the feeder with voracious appetites.

We always wondered if our hummingbirds stayed year-round because it seems like we see them around even in the depths of winter.

Well, according to avian, this is who our friends are:

The Rufous Hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus) – or Red-backed Hummingbird – is a relatively common, small, migratory hummingbird, with the longest migration route of any hummingbirds that occur in the United States – potentially traveling over 2,000 miles from Alaska to southern Mexico and back, and crossing mountain ranges as high as 12,600 feet. In fact, they make the longest bird migration on earth, as measured in body lengths.

It is one of the most widespread hummingbirds in North America that has been observed in every state and province except Hawaii, Prince Edward Island and Quebec. One isolated report exists even from extreme eastern Siberia.

For more go here:

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