@HOME: Gas prices, Super Bowl XLVII specials and a good walk


Today’s gas price at the Home Shell station is $3.66/gallon. Tacoma’s average price is $3.55/gallon while the national average is $3.47/gallon. A year ago, the national average foe a gallon of gas was $3.43.

Lulu’s delectable specials: Today’s specials are a shepherd’s pie and sliders in honor of the big game. Each item can be ordered at the bar for $9.95. The connection between the menu selection and the teams in the Super Bowl XLVII eludes me at the moment. But, rest assured, it will be worth your Key Peninsula palate.

And our walk up the hills of Home, Wash., starting on A Street was refreshing and a great way to pre-empt our gluttonous appetite while we enjoy viewing the humorous commercials.

A boat on a hook seen from A Street as you head east. A football fan, no less, coming to shore for the game.
A view of Von Geldern Cove through a stand of pampas grass as we headed east on A Street.
At the crest of Sixth Ave. looking down on Von Geldern Cove in Home, Wash.
The final pass down A Street.
We love Home, Wash., and the stylings of the residents of this quiet community.

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